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All Cashless Tolls coming to Hatem and Key Bridges starting October 2019.

Cashless Tolling Frequently Asked Questions

Click Here to get E-ZPass! (follow link)In October 2019, the MDTA will begin cashless toll collection at the Francis Scott Key Bridge (I-695) in Baltimore and the Thomas J. Hatem Memorial Bridge (US 40) in Harford and Cecil counties. The following Frequently Asked Questions are provided to help you find out more about the upcoming tolling changes!


What is cashless tolling?

With cashless tolling, tolls will be collected via E-ZPass or Video Tolling.  Cash will no longer be accepted as payment.  Tolls will be collected electronically, as motorists keep moving beneath new overhead toll-collection points.  The Intercounty Connector (ICC)/MD 200 in Montgomery and Prince George’s counties and the I-95 Express Toll Lanes in Baltimore are examples of cashless toll facilities already operating in Maryland.


What are the benefits of going cashless?

The benefits of cashless tolling include toll rate savings for customers, less idle time for better fuel efficiency and reduced vehicle emissions, decreased congestion, increased safety and a safer work environment for employees.  Each year, Marylanders will save $1 million and 44,000 hours in fuel and time savings just by not stopping at toll booths. 


Once the toll plazas are removed, customers will have the added benefit of travelling at highway speeds.  Other tolling agencies around the country have experienced up to 70% reductions in accidents near toll plazas, following cashless conversions.  This will be a significant safety improvement for all of our customers and our workforce.


Why cashless tolling?

States across the nation are moving forward with cashless tolling.  It is the national trend and our participation aligns Maryland with the industry standard.  Maryland joins 13 other states that are moving forward with cashless tolling.  Moving to cashless tolling is just one more example of how Maryland is leading the nation in using technology to reduce congestion.


How do I sign up for E-ZPass Maryland?

You can sign up for E-ZPass Maryland at, by visiting the temporary E-ZPass Maryland Customer Service Center at the Key Bridge or at any of our other Customer Service Centers located adjacent to our facilities, at many Maryland Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Administration locations or our retail partners.  A full list of locations is available at


I prefer paying tolls with cash, and I do not want an E-ZPass account.  Can I still travel the Hatem and Key bridges?

Yes.  We strongly encourage cash customers to sign up for E-ZPass Maryland and take advantage of the significant savings that it offers.  E-ZPass Maryland customers receive significant discounts ranging from 25 to 37.5% at most Maryland toll facilities.  Transponders are now FREE and there’s no monthly fee for Maryland residents.  There’s never been a better time to join E-ZPass Maryland! 


Cash customers may continue to use the Hatem and Key bridges and pay via video tolling. (see below for a description of video tolling).


What is video tolling?

With video tolling, registered vehicle owners receive a Notice of Toll Due in the mail after using any of Maryland’s eight toll facilities if payment is not made at the time of travel. Due to higher processing costs, the video toll rate is 50 percent higher than the cash/base rate with a minimum of $1 and a maximum of $15 above the base rates.


Will the toll pricing structure change at Key and Hatem bridges?

No. Toll rates will remain the same as they are today when the conversion takes place in October 2019.


What will I “see” as the MDTA converts to cashless tolling?

Work is being done in a phased approach.  The installation of new overhead toll collection points, or gantries, is expected to be complete and operational before cashless tolling begins. HOWEVER, there will still be more work to be done. The physical toll booth configuration will remain in place until demolition of the existing toll plazas and pavement reconstruction is completed in spring 2021.  Motorists should continue to obey the speed limit through the toll plaza configuration, just like they do today, while crews work to remove the toll plaza.


Once this demolition work and pavement reconstruction is complete, customers will experience cashless tolling at highway speeds. 


What is the plan and timeline to convert other toll facilities?  Which facility is next?

The Hatem and Key bridges will be the first of the MDTA’s legacy facilities to be converted to cashless tolling due to the high E-ZPass use already occurring at these two facilities. The majority of customers at the Key and Hatem bridges already enjoy the benefits of E-ZPass.  Currently, 93% of our Hatem Bridge customers and 80% of our Key Bridge customers use E-ZPass.  We do not have a definitive timeline for converting other facilities. These decisions are based on customer and environmental benefits, traffic safety, costs and regulated processes that we must follow.


I have privacy concerns with having an E-ZPass transponder in my vehicle.  Is it safe?

Absolutely.  We understand customers’ privacy concerns and are careful to protect all tolling information collected.  Customer confidentially is a priority for the MDTA and E-ZPass Maryland. 


When will the MDTA’s next generation tolling system go in effect?

February 2020.  The Maryland Board of Public Works approved two contracts for the MDTA’s next-generation tolling system (3G) in February 2018.  These contracts allow for cashless tolling at Maryland toll facilities.  The transition to the 3G contracts is anticipated to be completed by February 2020.  New features for customers will be rolled out over time after this transition. 


We are excited to begin delivering the next-generation tolling system which will absolutely revolutionize the way the MDTA provides customer service.  As the MDTA continues to reinvent our relationship with our customers, cashless tolling is the first “down payment” on all the great enhancements coming to our system and benefitting our customers.


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